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In-depth Analysis Tools to Tackle the Market
Access more than 50 smart drawing tools, 12 customizable chart types, 100+ technical indicators, and in-depth market analysis tool sets including volume distribution (PV).
Upper End Pine Scripts for Better Trading Strategies
Create your own pointers or trading programs with built-in Pine scripts. With “HTML5 Canvas” technology, you can trade on our platform with the best performance, flexibility, and the perfect chart overview on any device.
Efficacious Market Filter
Based on your settings, the best trades are automatically selected and displayed accurately in real time which greatly save you the trouble of manually analyzing the market.
Stay Abreast of the Market
Set up to 12 different alerts on indicators, strategies and drawing tools. Never miss any trading opportunities with these reliable push notifications backed by our powerful server.
Immense Technical Analysis
Explore millions of market analysis from traders across 100+ countries and regions. In addition, you can share your technical analysis indicators and strategies to shape your trading style and journey.
Highly User-friendly Interface
All rounded access to market depth, trade history and additional order options, allowing you to set your desired stop-profit and stop-loss positions based on account balances.
Global Market Data Coverage
TradingView is strongly linked to hundreds of data sources, directly accessing real-time data from more than 50 stock exchanges around the world. Obtain financial and current hotspot information.
Comprehensive Trading Tools
Swiftly access a watchlist of commodity codes, lists of popular trading products and discover other advantageous functions.
10 Million+ Traders
Whether you are a novice or a professional trader, you can explore investment ideas and make continuous progress in this huge community.
New Trading Perspective
Thousands of insights and live broadcasts released every day, delivering global market analysis.
Supports Multiple Languages
Available in more than 30 fully localized languages.
Frequently Updated Charts
Charts are updated multiple times per second, based on the latest quotes. Get active results even when loading a large amount of data.
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
The charts are viable on any operating system, device and browser. 
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