Cutting-Edge Trading Software
Trade various products in multiple markets via a full-fledged trading software with efficacious functions and tools.
Comprehensive Trading System
Smoothly execute each and every trade through one account that supports all order types and execution modes.
Specialized Chart Analysis
Explore and create custom indicators or access up to 80 technical indicators and analysis tools in 21 timeframes. You can also employ 100+ charts to identify the trend of various trading products.
Technical Analysis
Integrates a complete set of analysis methods, including 38 technical indicators and 44 graphical objects, comprehensive market analysis, and forecast the price trends of your interest.
Fundamental Analysis
Stay up to date and strategize your trades in advance with MT5's built-in tools. Gain direct updates on financial news, economic calendar, and real-time quotes sourced from international news organizations.
Customizable Trading Alert
Stay in control and seize every opportunity by setting your preferred conditions for trade alert. Receive notifications of important trading events via email, mobile phone reminders, etc.
Trade with EA on MT5
Trade effortlessly with Expert Advisors (EAs) that personalized custom trading strategy and automatically executes trades

Strictly abides to the programming algorithm, objective and uninterrupted large number of computing operations.

Seize every trading opportunity with accurate signals via real-time processing of quotes for a large number of currencies, stocks and other trading products.

Stays active 24 hours a day, while automatically analyzing market conditions and executing trading operations around the clock.

MetaTrader 5 Desktop Version
Download Doo Financial MT5 desktop version now and trade currency pairs, stocks, futures and other financial products. Seize every trading opportunity with various trading functions, comprehensive technical analysis, copy trading, and EA automatic trading functions.
MetaTrader 5 Mobile
Enjoy global investment by trading various currency pairs, stocks and other securities anytime, anywhere with Doo Prime MT5 mobile.