Satisfy Trading Needs at Your Fingertips
Play around with US Stocks, Hong Kong Stocks and global futures with a single account to keep your funds active
High Speed Online Account Registration
Simple and secured online account registration with only a single valid document that available 24/7 anytime and anywhere.
Abundant in Investment Types
Covering U.S. and Hong Kong stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, stock options and global futures products, providing you with more profitable choices.
Intuitive Trading Data
Get comprehensive and intuitive trading data in real time, including symbols, order types, volumes and etc.
One-stop Customer Management
Customers can open Doo Financial InTrade with one click, start trading anytime, anywhere, and manage investment decisions
One-click Jump
Log in to Doo Financial User Center and access the Doo Financial InTrade trading platform with just one click to start trading in the cloud at any time.
Professional Operation Interface
Experience the personalized,full-featured yet user friendly professional operation interface.
Cutting-edge Technology
Start trading immediately wherever you are with the support of cutting-edge technology provided by cloud and top-notch network technology, and access to global backbone network lines.
  • Stability and Speed
    Complete order within 0.05 seconds and provide you with millisecond order execution speed that has direct access to the world's top exchanges to allow you to make orders anytime, anywhere.
  • Cross-device Trading
    Seize every opportunity with the supports of web and mobile version of cloud-based trading system that allows you to trade on any device anytime, anywhere.
  • Personalisation
    Supports multiple custom settings for system and chart displays, and offers a variety of professional drawing tools and language versions to meet customer needs in each country and region.
  • Secure Transactions
    The system's distributed, off-site server architecture effectively prevents failures and keeps customers' business online 24/7 with 99.999% availability.
In-depth Trading Analysis
The more accurate the analysis, the wiser the decision is
Multi-dimensional Variety Analysis
Provides real-time market depth and accurate trend charts to help you conquer the US stocks, Hong Kong stocks and futures markets.
Top Information
Access to rich and comprehensive industry information, professional market interpretation, grasp the pulse of the market.
Everything at Your Fingertips
With Doo Financial Intrade Mobile, you can view account information at any time, track market dynamics, and keep track of any investment opportunity.
Real-Time Price Updates
Connect to international markets and update prices in real time, making it easy to see US and Hong Kong stocks, futures and other products of interest.
User-friendly Interface
The clear and simple software interface design makes it easy to get started, whether you're viewing account information or trading.
Manage Account in Just a Click
Full-featured handheld cloud trading software for managing all accounts at the click of a button.
A Global View of the Market
Integrate authoritative news from global securities, futures, and more, and open Doo Financial InTrade to get a quick overview of the market.
Cloud-Based Trading
Trade on the Doo Financial InTrade website version without downloading the trading software, constantly optimize and upgrade your system to ensure you a reliable trading experience.
Rich Charts, Visual Analysis
Rich professional charts are displayed intuitively to customize a variety of technical indicators for convenient data analysis through drawing tools.
Advanced technology, powerful performance
Advanced technology, powerful performance Doo Financial InTrade has powerful system performance, including good system compatibility, that can be used on any browser.